How to submit

Questions about submissions send to:

Dear participants! If you are ready to submit your project now, you can do it on this page by clicking the button below for Afrikaans, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Forms in other languages are coming soon, or you can submit using the English form right away. To review a form in your own language (but not to submit it), click a corresponding PDF further down the page. 

If you fail to submit a project by using a form on this site, you have an option to submit it by an email message to with an attachment. Please make sure that you also copy an English Entry Form, fill it out and submit as the second attachment to the message. 

For those educators who would prefer to submit multiple youth projects themselves, we encourage you to use the table we offer.  The table is available in English, Russian and French. Please make sure you have parental permission for each project you enter in the table. Scroll down to choose a table in your preferred language. Send the table via an email message along with the youth projects as attachments to the

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