Rules and Guidelines

Showcase Rules and Guidelines


All entries must be submitted by October 9, 2020. 

Submitting Entry

All parts of the entry form must be completed.  If you are 18 or under, make sure that your parent or guardian has signed the permission section of this form. 

Uploading Your Entry

You will be able to upload your project on the entry form if it is no larger than 400 MB.  If your entry is larger than 400 MB, upload your project on any free site such as YouTube. On the entry form, please provide the link to your work on the pubic website you have chosen. 

If neither of these options will work for you, please email us at We’ll make sure that you are able to submit your entry.

Number of Entries

The Showcase must limit entries to one entry per person and one entry per group or family.  Please note that it will be allowed for the same person to submit an entry both as an individual and as a member of a group or family.

Length of Video

If you are submitting a video, we recommend that it should be no longer than 3 minutes in length, however, videos up to 8 minutes maximum will be allowed.    

Production Quality

If the production quality of your project makes it very difficult for the viewer to see or hear what you have produced, your project will not be included in the Showcase.

Appropriate Language and Imagery

Children and their families will be viewing the Showcase. Projects including language and imagery that would not be considered acceptable in school settings and/or in families involving young children will not be included.

Privacy Issues

Make certain that you have received permission from all the people you have chosen to appear in the photograph or video that you are submitting to the Showcase.  Also if the project you are submitting contains sensitive and private information about someone you know, be careful to avoid making it possible to recognize this person by for instance using fictional names and not providing details that could allow people to identify him or her.

Security Issues

For reasons of security, we provide only a few pieces of general information about each of the children, youth or families represented in the Showcase. All participants will be given options as to type of information they choose to have included with their projects. The information that is included (name, city/town/village, etc.) will be decided by you.  All other information on our entry form (such as email)  beyond that which you choose to release will be seen only by Showcase staff members and will not be shared with other entities outside the Showcase.


If you are including material that was originally created by another artist, it’s important to get the artist’s permission before incorporating this material into the work you are creating. For example, if you decide to use a song by an artist you like as the soundtrack for your video, you need to contact that artist to obtain permission.  If you plan to use an image that you’ve found on the internet, check to find out who created it since you need their permission to use it in your project.  See our Resource section for more information about copyright and how to find links to websites where you can get songs and images free of charge.

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