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As you’re preparing your entry for the Corona Multimedia Showcase, we encourage you to check out some of these resources.   Resources are organized according to the following topics:

  • Media Literacy
  • Copyright
  • Privacy and Security

Media Literacy

Today it may seem that everyone is posting and sharing something online that they or others have created. What are some of the ground rules to know if you’re planning to publish your work online?

When is it okay to reuse or share material others have created in the work you’re planning to produce? When is it necessary to get the artist’s permission before you decide to do this?

To learn more about copyright and what’s called “fair use,” we asked Barbara Soots, Open Education Resources and Instructional Materials Program Manager at Washington State’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for resources she would recommend.  Here are some of her suggestions:

Copyright and Creativity: For Ethical Digital Citizens

This resource offers important information about copyright presented in lessons designed for students enrolled in K-12 schools throughout the US. Check out the lessons for your grade level and find out more about copyright, its protections and its limitations. Also find out how you can successfully use and rely on copyright as you create your own media products.  It’s important to note that the material presented here focuses on copyright in the United States. While other countries have similar frameworks, rules may differ on certain concepts such as fair use.

Students as Creators: Exploring Copyright

This lesson designed by educator Cassandra Love addresses ethical issues that should be considered regarding use and ownership of copyrighted material.  She also includes some featured resources as well as a suggested reading list.

YouTube Copyright Basics 

Puppets Glove and Boots try to explain some of the basics about copyright as it applies to  material placed on YouTube. Their friend Fred Lohmann, described here as YouTube’s “Big Wig” lawyer gives them some help along the way.

Crash Course Intellectual Property

Stan Muller, a producer and director for Crash Course, introduces the basics of copyright in a series of videos.  Check out Copyright 1 and 2 along with his videos on Intellectual IP Law and YouTube, Copyright and the Future.

Copyright and Fair Use

 If you would like a very quick introduction to some the important issues to consider about copyright, check out this animation from Common Sense Media.  Pay special attention to the four points of fair use that are discussed here.

Creative Commons Kiwi

Find out what Creative Commons is all about and how it can be a great resource where you can locate material you are able to use free of charge.  Also find out how Creative Commons can help you distribute your own creations. Creative Commons provides everyone all over the world with a free, simple and standardized way to grant copyright permissions for their work. Through Creative Commons you’re assured that you will receive credit for products you’ve created (proper attribution) while giving others the opportunity to use, copy and share them.


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